Results from the first Tufts Hackathon: Presented by Evernote

The first Tufts Hackathon was a tremendous success thanks to the hard work by organizers Adrienne Dreyfus, Marshall Moutenot, Alden Keefe Sampson and Russell Stern, and the huge turnout and dedication to building quality software all through the night. From 5pm on Friday, April 13th to 5pm on Saturday, April 14th, many programmers from Tufts, and even a few from other schools, were challenged to build a finished product in 24 hours. Competitors were encouraged to use the Evernote API, Windows Phone SDK or anything they pleased. Other sponsors included Microsoft, ThoughtbotCrashlyticsNew England Venture Capital Association, and GitHub.

The night kicked off with talks from Jeff Siebert of Crashlytics, Andrew Lau from Redstar and Chris Traganos from Evernote. Students also received a live Windows Phone development demo, a quick talk from Ming, plenty of food and swag. The first few hours gave participants the opportunity to discuss their ideas with the tech leaders before diving into all night coding sprees. Hacking lasted all night and Traganos even swung by to tweet the action. When it came time to pitch, everyone was impressed with the quality projects and the winners earned some pretty sweet prizes.

Junior grand prize winner Matt Russell said, “The judges gave us some really great feedback on some ways to improve our original design and ways to expand our application into a marketable product.”

Ming also commented, “What we (the judges) were completely blown away by was the work of the youngest participants who has only taken either COMP 11 and/or COMP 15. The future looks very bright.”

One of the judges, Ph.D. candidate Noah Daniels, posted on Facebook soon after, “I had a lot of fun judging and seeing all of the amazing work everyone did.”


Grand Prize Winners
Evernote Grand Prize – A Trip to Evernote Developer Trunk Conference in Silicon Valley: Evernote Analytics by Baturay Akaslan, Amanda Hay, Andrew McGlathery, and Matt Russell

The grand prize winners built a product to help Evernote users analyze patterns and statistics based on their Evernote notebooks. The team hopes to extend it to use machine learning to better utilize Evernote.

Microsoft Prize Winner
Microsoft Prize – Microsoft swag and new Windows Phone: Tyler Lubeck

Tyler created a ‘habit’ building Windows Phone 7 application a la Jerry Seinfeld. Users create ‘streaks’ by committing to competing the same activities every day and marking them in the application. If you forget to check-in or don’t complete the activity, your ‘streak’ is reset.

Began At Hackathon Prize Winners
Began At Hackathon Prize: Jumbo Smash by Erik Formella, Calvin Hopkins, Andrew Purcell and Sam Purcell

These guys made a product that allows Tufts seniors to find other Tufts seniors during Senior Week to ‘smush.’ It had both web and mobile components and showed you matches in your area. This very blunt dating website aimed to find Jumbo seniors a last hurrah.

Began Before Hackathon Prize: LiveNote by Samuel Daniel and Benjamin Leiken

LiveNote is a notetaking application that inserts timestamps into your notes based on a timer that can be synced with a movie, song, interview, lecture, or other timed media. The team implemented a basic proof-of-concept application which synced the built-in timer with a YouTube video loaded on the page. They plan on continuing to improve the project in the future.

Congratulations to all hackers!

More photos here.


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